quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2007

Lula On Air

Opa, já está lá.
O site do Charlie Rose disponibilizou a entrevista do Lula.
As keywords são: Lula, ethanol, Workers' Party, Latin America, President, Brazil.
Por enquanto são estes os comentários:

I'm Brazilian and unfortunately I missed this interview.
When is there going to be a re-run?
Thank you for your help.
Cid Silveira

This brazilian president is a huge fake !!!
He's an actor performing what he does best that's lying for decades.
He's the chief of a gang (Workers' Party ??) that took Brazil's presidency taking in mind only a project of power to do in Brazil what dictators like Hugo Chavez does in Venezuela.
Of course he has a different approach.
No doubt he's a smart guy.
They all come to this scene saying that they care about poor people, they came from the same place and they know what poverty means (ask Forbes about Mr. Lula. We all know this history very well.
You should not take what this guy says seriously.
He is playing this silly game a long time in Brazil ...
Rob T.

The Presidente of Brazilian is the Best !
Champion Desenvolvimente!
Marcos Maldonado

Great conversation with the brazilian presidente ...
Looks like hes fighting with all hes power for the needed brazilian people ...
God bless you all
Maxwell and Deidre

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